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The training totally transformed her perception about life. It helped her introspect her own life, qualities and compulsions and the program provided various tools to come out of these limitations. It was like watching the world with a new pair of glasses all together.
The materialistic aspirations that existed within her due to peer pressure and comparison were not influencing her anymore which is a big freedom to her.
She has been teaching at ISHA LIFE mylapore, Chennai conducting all the hatha yoga programs regularly for the past 2 years. She also had the privilege of teaching in the ISHA YOGA CENTER, Coimbatore during YAKSHA festival 2015. She represented India through Isha Foundation and attended the INDIA-CHINA (CHENGDU) INTERNATIONAL YOGA FESTIVAL in JUNE 2015.
Now she just lives as throbbing life rather than a psychological process. She is fully drenched in the overwhelming experience of sharing something profound with the world around. She uses the Inner technologies and tools that Sadhguru has provided and has taught to 1500 people in the last 2 years. Being an Isha teacher, It’s a privilege and bliss to witness another person getting transformed just in attending few days of a program.
About the teacher

Shyamala (Saranya), born in India grew up as a passionate person in everything she did.She secured top grades in school and college and was employed in a multinational software company.After getting married, she relocated to the US and was working in Los Angeles. She was able to lead a comfortable life which is a common dream of every graduate working in a software company.

But soon, she started to feel some emptiness and had a constant feeling that she is not doing what she is passionate about. She was looking around for various acts of life that could give satisfaction but was not able to find anything. She explored various professional alternatives and nothing could settle her. Then her husband introduced her to Isha and then she took the inner engineering with Sadhguru in San Francisco in May 2011. Then she knew that’s the way to go.
Looking at the transformations in her life, she was motivated to take up other advanced Isha programs. She came across the "MAKING OF A HATA YOGI" blog, she started to follow its weekly updates. She felt this is what she was longing for a long time. Her deep down longing to work with people found expression when she undertook a 21-week (1750 hour) Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India, which she successfully completed in December 2014.
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